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The Cairo Nod Pyramid was a Nod Pyramid that served as the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Nod during the Second Tiberium War.


Second Tiberium War[]

Throughout the Second Tiberium War, Kane stayed inside the Nod Pyramid, giving orders to his generals and sending taunting messages to the GDI.[1][2][3] After Nod Commander Cesar Vega's base fell to the GDI forces led by Michael McNeil, Kane launched a nuclear missile at his base from the Nod Pyramid, though McNeil and his forces escaped the blast.[3]

At some point, the Tacitus was brought to the Nod Pyramid after Nod forces recovered it.[4]

After the Forgotten warrior Umagon was captured during a mission, she was brought to the Nod Pyramid. While she was being subjected to "Tiberium enhancement" to turn her into a Tiberium-based creature, Kane revealed his true appearance to her - half of his face was covered in cybernetics, and he used video enhancement techniques to hide this fact during video transmissions. He then told her about his plan to launch the World Altering Missile and convert Earth into a world of Tiberium.[5]

As the World Altering Missile prepared to launch, the top of the Nod Pyramid opened, revealing that a launch silo was built into the pyramid itself. However, during the subsequent GDI assault on the pyramid, the missile was grounded. McNeil confronted Kane inside the pyramid, who used Umagon as a human shield. After a scuffle, McNeil was able to seemingly kill Kane by impaling him with a piece of debris. He was able to save the Tacitus and Umagon from the pyramid just before it began collapsing.[4]

Firestorm Conflict[]

Following GDI's victory in the Second Tiberium War, mutant leader Tratos informed GDI scientist Gabriella Boudreau that Umagon has become insane as a result of the procedures that Kane put her through, and asked her to oversee the transfer of the Tacitus and Kane's archives from the Cairo Pyramid to him in an attempt to find a cure for Tiberium mutation.[6]

The loading of the Tacitus and the archives proved difficult, as the Pyramid was under heavy Nod sniper fire. However, GDI forces sucessfully loaded them onto the Kodiak for transportation.[6]


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