Caldera of Calamity
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King of the Monsters

Caldera of Calamity is a three-player map in the Skirmish Maps of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Uprising.


It's a temperate island where two bases are established separately as one of these is also there, making it a three-player war. The Shogun Executioner is here, walking around the island, and will attack any units or structures close to it.


The Shogun Executioner is extremely powerful, capable of easily annihilating most ground units. Therefore, it is best to avoid engaging it with ground forces at all. Using air units is an option, though it can instantly kill any air unit by simply walking into them. Soviet Commanders can freeze the Executioner with the Terror drone's Stasis Ray, rendering it harmless. While Allied Commanders can turn the monstrosity against their enemy by using a Chronosphere to teleport it to the enemy base, which would likely cause it to annihilate the entire base. Also, it won't chase player to the hills.

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