Call for transport is useful for getting past natural barriers and ground defenses.
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Calling for Transport is an ability granted to many units in both GDI and Nod military services.


We are coming, hold on down there!
- Ox, Tiberium Wars

When a commander requests aircraft transport, service fees are deducted from that commanders resource pools immediately, and one or more utility aircraft (either GDI's V-35 Ox or the Nod Carryall) are dispatched to the location of the designated unit or units.

The units board the transport, and the commander can order the transport anywhere within the area of operation but once the passengers disembark at their destination, the transport exits combat airspace.

Note: The Scrin do not have access to this ability due to their ability to teleport units anyway. Also, the Black Hand is unable to use this ability as they don't use air units.


  • Transports are ideal when a commander needs to carry a variety of units across the battlefield, in a shorter space of time.
  • Their aerial nature allows the commander's units to bypass enemy ground defenses and units to a new location.


  • The fees, when using this ability depends on the amount of units the commander decides to transfer. The more transports needed for each unit, the higher the cost.
  • Transports don't have much protection from anti air fire. Also, ordering them to land near ground-focused enemies will cause them to attack the transport at their level.
  • Big and slow, transports can hardly go by unnoticed by a watchful enemy commander. It is best to scout the area ahead before ordering the transports to move.
  • Not all units can be carried. Heavy units such as Mammoth Tanks and Avatars cannot use this ability.
  • Not available to scrin due to they use wormholes and masterminds to teleport units.

Affected Units:

Global Defense Initiative

They are transported in V-35 Oxs before, during and after the Third Tiberium War.



Brotherhood of Nod

They are transported in Nod Carryalls before, during and after the Third Tiberium War. But in Kane's Wrath, the Black Hand does not have this ability.




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