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The camouflaged pillbox used extensively by the Allies was, as its name suggested, a camouflaged counterpart of the Pillbox.


While more expensive to build, it could often take Soviet infantry by surprise, foiling attempts at Engineer rushes and possibly destroying light vehicles. It was also more heavily armoured than the standard Pill Box. Used in conjunction along with turrets, it could provide a formidable defense.

However, even with the element of surprise it was still not a match for tanks, as its machine gun was highly ineffective against heavier armor (especially the strong Soviet armor). Once its position was known, it was vulnerable to aircraft and long-ranged units. The Camo Pillbox was eventually discontinued and replaced with the normal pillbox—apparently, the complications involved with maintaining two different systems were not considered to be worth the extra expense. As the invasion of the United States saw extensive urban conflict, camouflaging defenses became entirely impossible and garrisoning buildings proved to be more efficient.

Like with the gap generator, enemy AI units can detect the camouflaged pillbox. It can also be targeted by airstrikes.


These defenses were decommissioned prior to the Third World War as battles would be fought on urban land, making the use of this defense unconventional.



  • Effective against infantry and light vehicles.
  • Cheap (only costs $600).
  • More heavily armoured than the standard pillbox.
  • Camoflage on the map makes it harder to spot than a standard pillbox.


  • Weak against heavily armored units.
  • Defenseless against air units.
  • V2s can outrange it easily
  • Like the normal pillbox massed infantry can outnumber it.


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