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I know... Canada, more cows up here than people.
- Ben Carville(src)

Canada is a nation covering most of North America, and is considered the second largest country by land area. It consists of ten provinces and three territories. Technically a constitutional monarchy, its government is a parliamentary democracy. Much like the United States, Canada was a colony of the United Kingdom, but eventually became independent in 1867. An industrial power, with advanced technology, Canada was a member of the G8. The border of the 49th parallel between Canada and the United States is the longest in the world.

Tiberium universe[]

In 1995, working with the United Nations Security Council, Canada and other G7 nations sponsored the formation of the Global Defense Initiative.

Late reports of Nod using WMDs has paralyzed an already reeling populace here in Vancouver.
- Brittany Murphy(src)

By 2047, a majority of Canada is now designated as Yellow Zone Y-6, while the areas of southern Ontario and Quebec are designated as Blue Zone B-11. Canada also contains the Northwestern Blue Zone, one of the largest blue zones in the world in parts of the west coast, northern territories, and areas of land around Alaska. The city of Vancouver is part of the Northwestern Blue Zone and was besieged by Nod's attacks at the start of the Third Tiberium War.[1]

Red Alert universe[]

Second World War[]

Vancouver was part of an immediate scandal where over 200 million Soviet agents around the world had infiltrated Pan African, Pan Asian and other governments.[2]

Third World War (first iteration)[]

During the Third World War in 1972, high ranking American government and military leaders, such as Dugan and Carville were safely evacuated to Canada as key command and control centers like the Pentagon in the US, became under threat plus ranned-over from the Soviet invasion. The Americans returned home as the invasion's momentum began to falter in Liberty.

I'm tired of hanging out in Canada. Get me my office back!
- Ben Carville(src)

Canada was part of the Allied forces, becoming the new headquarters for the evacuation of American military and government officials in Last Chance, the mission that was held in Soviet-occupied Chicago. The Psychic Dominator Disaster had Canada still home to American officials for evacuation. The mission briefings for Canada appearing in the Third World War despite American evacuations were Last Chance, Dark Night (in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster at Chicago), and Liberty.

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