25px-Disambig.png This article is about the Red Alert universe country. For the Tiberium universe country, see Canada (Tiberium).

Canada is the country occupying the northern part of the North America. Its southern border is with the United States. Canada is the second largest country in the world. The American government and military leaders were evacuated to this country as the Soviet Union had bolstered the US homeland.


Allied Command Centers around Europe, America, Turkey, Australia and Syria received intel that Soviet spies are hiding intel before Great World War II actually begins. Vancouver was a target for Allied Forces as they raided Mexico City and the one in Canada for Soviet spies are to be prosecuted and arrested on war crimes against Europe's humanity and corruption towards Allied intervention.

During the Third World War in 1972, high ranking American government and military leaders, such as Dugan and Carville were safely evacuated to Canada as key command and control centers like the Pentagon in the US, became under threat plus ranned-over from the Soviet invasion. The Americans returned home as the invasion's momentum began to falter in Liberty.

I'm tired of hanging out in Canada. Get me my office back!
- General Carville, Liberty Briefing

Canada was part of the Allied forces, becoming the new headquarters for the evacuation of American military and government officials in Last Chance, the mission that was held in Soviet-occupied Chicago. The Psychic Dominator Disaster had Canada still home to American officials for evacuation. The mission briefings for Canada appearing in GWWIII despite American evacuations were Last Chance, Dark Night (aftermath of the nuclear disaster at Chicago) and Liberty.

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