Commander, you may be looking for Canada in the Tiberium Universe

Canada is the largest nation in North America, as well as the Northernmost, sharing the world's longest border with the United States mainland and Alaska and being a close trading partner. Officially, it is a Federal Constitutional Monarchy, with its sovereign being the Monarch of the United Kingdom; however, it is largely independent of the U.K.


Until the 1600s, Canada was exclusively populated by Native Americans. English and French explorers and pioneers landed and began carving a niche for themselves; in the future, aboriginal Canadians became a minority compared to the descendents of Europeon colonists.

Eventually, the British wrested control of Canada from the French. Colonial America would then fight a war of independence from England, with the lands South of the Great Lakes severing ties, though Canada remained loyal. During the war of 1812, American soldiers burned the capital of Canada, and British troops operating out of Canada reciprocated, incinerating Washington, D.C. By the mid 1800s, Canadian people began to demand a measure of independence as well, though no full scale wars resulted.

The current US-Canada border was settled upon in the Oregon Treaty of 1846, ending a border dispute. At the same time, the British began granting greater autonomy to Canada, making it a British holding in name only. Canadians served bravely with their European, American and Commonwealth allies during the World Wars; Canada entering the first two wars earlier than the United States.

At the start of the Great World War III, Canada officially remained neutral. However, when the American government and military needed to relocate following Soviet control over Washington, Canada readily gave them refugee status and allowed them to plan their retaliation, though some Canadian officials were put off with the somewhat excessively patriotic attitude of Major General Carville. Canada and the United States maintain strong relations, being the worlds' largest trading partners.

The country exists during World War III, although intel is currently lacking on its exact role in the conflict. It is like in Great World War III, apparently on the side of the Allies.

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