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Piece of Pie!
- Allied engineer

Capturing is a tactic that focus' on the capture and control of unique tech buildings across the battlefield, the crux of the strategy revolving around Engineers. By using Engineers quickly and efficiently, commanders can gain control of a wide variety of special structures that provide advantageous bonus's to their forces, tipping the odds of victory in their favor. Captured buildings can also have structures built near them by the party that captured them, further increasing their tactical importance.

Capturing requires speed and initiative to succeed; once a building is captured by one side, it can prove very difficult for another side to take it for themselves. Smart commanders usually opt to erect basic defensive structures around Tech Building's they control, while more cunning ones may even build producting buildings around them to shorten attack distances.

Typically, basic Tech buildings like Oil Derrick's are found in abundance on most maps, usually located near the starting point of a specific players base. Capturing these buildings isn't difficult, but it should be made a priority nonetheless. On the flip side, more exotic buildings like Radar's and Secret Lab's tend to be found in harder to reach spots, such as closed off city squares or the summits of mountains. Finding these buildings can be difficult; attack dog scouts are a good early game choice for locating them quickly. Capturing them will often require speedy transport vehicles (Nightawks, Flak Traks, etc.) to carry Engineers to them.

Here's a short list of neutral structures, their benefits, and their typical rarity:

Oil Derrick: 100$ on initial capture then $15 every second. Common.

Garage: Slowly repairs any damaged vehicles. Common.

Hospital: Heals injured infantry over time. Common.

Airport: Grants the "Paratrooper" ability. Common.

Sea Port: Slowly repairs any damaged naval units. Uncommon.

Repair Bay: Can repair individual vehicles. Comes with a free missile turret. Uncommon.

Radar: Expands the radars view over the surrounding area. Rare.

Secret Lab: Unlocks a random special unit type. Rare.