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Use the units provided to protect the Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) . You should then deploy the MCV by double clicking on it. Then you can begin to build up a base. Start with a Power Plant. Finally, search out and destroy all enemy Nod units in the surrounding area.
- Mission briefing

Capture The Beachhead is the first GDI mission in Tiberian Dawn and the Tiberian Dawn demo.


When the GDI recieved a mandate from the UN to engage Nod openly following the terrorist attacks of the Grain Trade Center and their activities in Slovenia, the GDI immediately set out to organise an invasion of Nod controlled Eastern Europe.

An amphibious assault, overseen by Colonel J.C. Carter, was launched on Estonia, a north-eastern European country.

The battle

GDI landing forces given to the assault's commander James Solomon were light, with a full company of minigunners and a pair of Humvees along with an MCV. These forces landed on a beach in Estonia. A gunboat assigned by Colonel Carter who was in charge of the operation gave support from the sea.

The beach was guarded by 3 coastal turrets which exchanged fire with the Gunboat. Nod forces in the area were light consisting of aside from minigunners. James Solomon's forces set up a base in area using the MCV and hunted down all the Nod forces in the area.

The Aftermath

GDI forces move further into Estonia

GDI forces had aquired a secure landing ground in Estonia on which to land more military forces. Evidently poorly prepared for such an assault, Nod forces in Estonia were unable to contest control of the beach further and retreated inland. However they were not done yet.


There are no substantial differences between the retail and demo missions.


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