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- Ranger

Capture building is an upgrade available to all basic infantry in Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour, enabling them to capture buildings.


In modern wars, generals realized that the battlefield was too dangerous for engineers to be deployed. In order to prevent unnecessary loss of life, infantry were trained to capture enemy buildings, even high-tech structures like Super Weapons. Base defenses however, cannot be captured.


Their tools may serve us well!
- Rebel, using his Capture Building ability

With a Para Drop, Sneak Attack or Rebel Ambush a General could be able to capture buildings of the enemy (and use or sell them immediately), this is usually faster than destroying the buildings, but the soldiers become easy pickings out in the open. Patrolling or guarding units and land mines are hard counters to potential building theft.

China's Black Lotus - or Super Lotus for General Shin Fai - is an expert in taking buildings and at more than twice the speed of ordinary infantry, but are always vulnerable to anti-infantry units.


  • Generals sneak peek patch 1.02:
    • capture time increased from 10 to 20 seconds
    • upgrade is now researched from each faction's barracks instead of technology building
  • Zero Hour patch 1.03: fixed an issue that caused a GLA player's support powers to become un-clickable after he captured an opponent's command center
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