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RAR Soviets Logo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert and might contradict canon.

We have learned the location of the Chronosphere weapon, and we want to capture it.

The Allies have boobytrapped the Chronosphere to explode if approached. Capturing the tech centers BEFORE taking the Chronosphere may allow you to defuse any traps. Use extreme caution.
- Mission briefing

Capture the Tech Centers is the twelfth mission of the Soviet campaign for Red Alert. The Allied Forces are on the run and Stalin plans to capture the Chronosphere in Switzerland.


After the Soviet Commander destroyed the Allied naval forces, Stalin orders the Commander on his next target: the Allied Chronosphere. The Soviets have located the experimental superweapon near Seti in Switzerland, and Stalin wishes to claim the Chronosphere as his own. However, Kukov advised the commander to capture the three control centers to prevent the destruction of the Allied superweapon.


The mission starts with Migs doing air strikes on the allied base. The player then gets and MCV and some tanks with a V2. Clear the area to build a base then get many air and ground defenses to stop the Allied attacks. Get mammoth tanks and V2s to conquer the Allied base but capture the Allied Construction Yard then get Destroyers NOT cruisers due to the cruisers inaccurate firing might destroy the wrong buildings. Transport the Mammoth tanks and engineers to capture the Tech centers to win the mission.

Beta version

The version of this map found in the v0.09c beta of Command & Conquer: Red Alert is distinct from other beta mission maps, as it is the only campaign map that is identical to its retail version.


Tesla coil destroying a tank (mission accomplished cutscene - part 1)
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