Carpet Bombing is an extensive and systematic aerial bombing action intended to devastate a large area.The bombs are dropped over a line in conjunction with the bomber's flightpath.


Carpet bombing was used many times by both GDI and Nod forces, most notably - when retaking the White House by the GDI, and during battle of Temple Prime, when Nod used it to wipe out GDI base in the region.

The early version of airstrike is limited by GDI's rather limited Striker aircraft available. The rule of the thumb is airstrike become available when, and only, no dedicated air defence structure (ii.e SAM sites) on the opposing force is available in the target area. This is easy to spot by superior GDI satellite array and analysis on Radar emmision. At this era A-10 is the working force of GDI-through F-18 is seen during scene.

At the second tiberium war GDI revamped its air force, employing more Orca tech on the field. At this point Orca bomber become a practical solution as GDI now is capable to mass produce these bomber. This also gives GDI commander a luxury of Airstrike option as now the strike's timing, the number of bomber, and the flightpath can be arranged. This benefit was not unobserved by Nod, in which they put the lesson learned to use and reforge the power to make the bomber available for Nod.
GDI employs Firehawk fighters-bombers outfitted with laser-guided bombs for this purpose, while Nod sticking to Vertigo bombers. Strategically Nod also use Armageddon multirole heavy plane for carpet bombing.

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