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Casabad was a city in Egypt. It was located north of Cairo.


During the Third Tiberium War in 2047, after the Brotherhood of Nod's coordinated attacks on GDI's Blue Zones were repelled, General Jack Granger suspected that Nod was developing chemical weapons in North Africa and ordered forces to investigate in Egypt.[1]

According to InOps, an irrigation plant just outside the city was possibly a chemical weapons facility. In preparation for a raid, a forward base was established nearby. However, contact with the base and a team of Zone troopers sent to investigate was lost.[1]

Additional forces led by the GDI Commander arrived at the forward base and, after taking out some Nod infantry, reestablished contact with the Zone troopers. It became apparent that the suspected chemical weapons plant was actually a Tiberium weapons plant, and Nod harvested all Tiberium in the area to fuel it. GDI forces then destroyed the Nod weapons lab and military facilities in the area.[1]

Information captured from the Casabad facility revealed that Nod was building a liquid Tiberium bomb, much to the shock of Granger.[2] The city, along with much of Egypt, was later engulfed by Red Zone R-1 after the liquid Tiberium detonation at Temple Prime.[3]


  • Casabad appears to be a fictional location, as there is no real city in Egypt by that name.


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