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Casabad is the first Act II mission and the sixth overall mission in the GDI campaign of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.


This is only the beginning. Fire will fall from the skies. Disease will waste your bodies. And your souls will cry for forgiveness when Kane unleashes his fury!
- Anonymous Nod POW, during interrogation

Less then 24 hours after the initial siege began, the GDI Commander successfully repelled the Nod attack on DC. Seemingly inspired by the Commander's example, GDI forces worldwide began pushing Nod forces out of the Blue Zones. During an interview with William Frank, Acting-Director Redmond Boyle stated that GDI's victory in the war is no longer in question and promised payback for Nod's aggression.

However, General Jack Granger informed the Commander that the war is far from over: not only are a number of Blue Zones still being contested, but InOps interrogation of a number of Nod POWs indicated that they may be preparing to use WMDs. He sent the Commander to North Africa in order to neutralize the threat, but informed him to keep the mission a secret from the public to avoid inciting further panic.

Kirce James informed the Commander of the targets in North Africa. Egypt was of particular concern: an irrigation plant outside of Casabad was believed to be a front for a chemical weapons plant, Nod was distributing weapons using the Port of Alexandria, and a heavily defended underground facility in Northern Cairo was apparently being used to assemble nuclear weapons. The Commander's first target was Casabad.

In preparation for a raid, a forward base was established near the irrigation plant. However, contact with the base and a team of Zone troopers sent to investigate was lost. Additional forces led by the Commander arrived at the forward base and, after taking out some Nod infantry, reestablished contact with the Zone troopers. It became apparent that the suspected chemical weapons plant was actually a Tiberium weapons plant, and Nod harvested all Tiberium in the area to fuel it. GDI forces then destroyed the Nod weapons lab and military facilities in the area.

New units[]

  • Zone troopers


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