Cash bounty (Generals)

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Cash Bounty

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army
G toxin.png Dr. Thrax
G stlth.png Kassad
G demo.png Rodall Juhziz

China.gif Leang
Abilities Gives Generals a small bonus in cash for each enemy unit or building their forces destroy.
We will gain wealth from destroying the enemy!
- A rebel talking about the Cash Bounty

Once they had proven their worth on the battlefield, GLA commanders were provided with the option to receive a financial reward for the destruction of enemy units, received from GLA supreme command. There were three ranks of Cash Bounty, made available as the general concerned racked up more kills in battle, and each rank increased the reward given.

The Cash Bounty was a highly effective motivator for GLA commanders in the field, and provided them with yet another source of near limitless income - although it was one, of course, that depended on their ability to destroy enemy units.

Cash Bounty Levels

Our victories will earn us more money!
- Another rebel commenting the Cash Bounty
Icon Level Money Get
Gen1 Cash Bounty 1 Icons.jpg Level 1 - 5% of the cost of the unit destroyed
Gen1 Cash Bounty 2 Icons.jpg Level 2 - 10% of the cost of the unit destroyed
Gen1 Cash Bounty 3 Icons.jpg Level 3 - 20% of the cost of the unit destroyed
Gla.gif Global Liberation Army GLA War Arsenal Gla.gif
China.gif General Leang Arsenal China.gif