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Cat Fight is a side challenge for Commander's Challenge.

In this challenge, the Futuretech Commander after having defeated Kenji Tenzai and taking the Striker-VX, gets a call from Kelly Weaver that he will be up against the three female Commanders - the high-tech Allied user Lydia Winters, the Ukrainian freedom fighter Vera Belova and the Imperial Rocket Angel leader of the first battalion, Takara Sato - in a free for all battle.

All three are arguing over some gloating responses. Lydia says to Takara that if her uniform was really military issued, Vera tells Lydia to read some books rather than fight in battle and Takara says her Floating Fortress is more unique and offends the two girls to leave the Coral Sea. FutureTech didn't know about this, including three Floating Fortresses that were destroyed in the Third World War. They ask the Commander to return basic duties and start the fight. It's the twentith after Creeping Death and before High-Water Mark.


The challenge mission, Cat Fight takes place in the Coral Sea and FutureTech orders their Commander to capture Special Agent Tanya from her superior, Lydia Winters. Both Vera and Takara are also there, hoping for some fights following both Oleg and Kenji's defeats by the Futuretech Commander. Lydia Winters wanted a vengeance against FutureTech for both defeating Giles Price and invading her home country of Great Britain. Sadly, all three women were defeated and the Allies' top agent has been captured for some lethal experiments in Amsterdam.

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