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Catalyst missile is a support power available to the Brotherhood of Nod in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


I always knew there was a chance the Visitors might not be entirely... cooperative. And that's why I developed a weapon that targets their weakness.
- Kane(src)
TW Nod Mission 14

Catalyst missile facility in Italy

The catalyst missile was one of several Tiberium-based weapons being developed by Nod during the Third Tiberium War, alongside the liquid Tiberium bomb. It was capable of detonating Tiberium crystal deposits in a sub-critical reaction.[1] The missile was specifically designed to exploit the Tiberium-based nature of the Scrin and channel their forces in more productive directions.[2]

TW catalyst missile cutscene

Kane showing the catalyst missile to the Nod Commander

After GDI's raid on Nod's research facility in Casabad, GDI scientists discovered evidence of this weapon. However, due to the decentralized nature of Nod R&D efforts, development of the catalyst missile continued unabated despite the loss of the Casabad facility.[1]

The catalyst missile was eventually completed in a research lab in Northern Italy. However, the facility soon came under attack by Scrin forces. The Nod Commander, sent by Kane to secure the facility, was able to repair the heavily damaged catalyst missile silo and destroy the alien forces threatening the lab.[2] The catalyst missile was subsequently distributed to all Nod forces, prioritized to be used when combat against the Scrin was necessary.[3]

Game effect[]

Catalyst missile close

Catalyst missile close-up

The catalyst missile deals only 500 damage, which is negligible to most units and structures. However, the damage is increased by 50 times against units and structures that contain Tiberium, more than enough to guarantee their destruction. These include:

Despite the visual effect of Tiberium crystals exploding, this power, unlike the Tiberium vein detonation power, deals no damage to Tiberium and therefore CANNOT be used to destroy enemy Tiberium fields.



  • Even when used on a blue Tiberium field, the detonation effect still shows green Tiberium shards.
  • For unknown reasons, the Scrin harvester and the Shielded harvester are unaffected by the catalyst missile.


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