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Gen2 Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Catrina "Muerta" Posada is the GLA Horde General, focusing on overwhelming her opponents by sending wave after wave of her own men crashing against the oncoming enemy until they break. To do this she has rolled out a new light tank for the GLA, El Diablo.


Born the sheltered daughter of a volatile Mexican politician, Catrina “Muerta” Posada’s life changed when angry protesters torched her family’s home, her parents still inside.  Catrina fled and was captured and indoctrinated by a guerrilla insurgent group.

Catrina began experiencing terrifying visions of her parents from the afterlife.  They demanded that she send them others to share in their suffering.  In battle, Catrina would “accidentally” fire RPGs at large groups of people, enemies and friendlies included.  Anything to quiet her parents down, she thought.

Catrina, now infamously known as “Muerta”, was approached by GLA General Abdul-Muhsi. “Come work for me, Muerta, and I’ll give you all the death you could ever dream of.”

Enemies know Muerta is close as her soldiers cheer in excitement for their own end.  For them, “the cause” serves an entirely different meaning- that everyone’s true destiny is only for certain death.



Due to the abundance of units available to the GLA as well as their powerful economy, Muerta is able to wage a war of attrition to wear down the defenses of her foes. But she is not above to utilising the hit-and-run tactics of the GLA. 

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