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You've heard of Vera, right? She's the Russian top ace who's stuck having to teach a bunch of Soviet half-wits how to fly. Unfortunately for us, her squadrons located an area we find very intriguing, and wish to claim for our own. To make matters worse, the good Commander Giles dropped everything to come here once he heard Vera was in town, probably because his ego can't handle her being the better pilot. Why don't you step right in the middle of their little lovers' quarrel and take advantage of the situation?
- Challenge briefing

Caught in the Crossfire is a side challenge for the Commander's Challenge.


Vera Belova's squadrons occupy an area of interest to FutureTech, and the FutureTech Commander was sent to claim it. Unfortunately, Giles Price also came to the area to personally battle the Russian top ace, and the Commander was caught right in the middle of the two, leading to a free-for-all battle among the three commanders.


  • At the start of the mission, Giles' Apollo fighters and Vera's MiG fighters will fly up to the player's base for a fight-off against each other.
  • If Giles is defeated first, several Kirov Airships will fly in from behind Vera's base. Similarly, if Vera is defeated first, a fleet of Century bombers will fly in from behind Giles' base and para-drop several Allied infantry troops into the player's base.

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