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Centurion Hut!
- Centurian upon deployment

The Centurion is a Nod Defense-class unit that resembles a giant infantryman.


Stay behind me!
- Centurion with his shield up

The Centurion is equipped with a cannon integrated into its right arm which is effective vs. Medium-type armour. It is, for all intents and purposes, a mini-Avatar for the Defense Class whose main purpose is to destroy medium tanks and hold the line.

Its other arm is equipped with a reflective Energy Shield. The energy shield will reflect most (but not all) incoming lasers, bullets and shells. It has no effect on rocket or blast-type attacks, attacks from the flank or rear, or when the Centurion is moving. As befitting the Defense Class, the Centurion is most effective when used in defense, with its front facing the enemy. It is easily outflanked, though due to its only-average mobility.


Don't let them flank us!
- Centurion reminding his brothers of their weakness

The Centurion has Medium-type armour and is itself weak to cannon attacks, assuming they bypass the shield. They cannot fire on the move and must move their entire bodies in order to target an opponent. The shield only provides frontal protection and, even then, it only reflects some of the incoming fire, not all of it. It has no effect on rockets or blast weapons.

It's GDI counterpart is the Spartan tank. Destroying a Spartan tank with the Centurion earns the player the "NOD classic warfare" warfare achievement, and the opposite earns a GDI commander the "GDI classic warfare" achievement.



  • Centurion Hut!


  • A good day for battle!
  • Ready for service!
  • Prepared for war!
  • Battle awaits!
  • Centurion at the ready!
  • Orders?!
  • Guardians of nod!
  • No time for waiting!
  • Forged in fire!
  • Standing ready!


  • The world awaits!
  • Onward!
  • Surveying the field!
  • Stay together!
  • Taking position!
  • Move out!
  • Forward!
  • Push!
  • Take the area!
  • This way!


  • Victory will be ours!
  • They don't stand a chance!
  • Crush the oppressors!
  • Strike hard!
  • Lend them no quarter!
  • They face their doom!
  • Do not hesitate!

Move to Attack

  • We'll handle this!
  • Begin the offensive!
  • They will fall!
  • To the front!
  • Ready shields!
  • Bring the battle to them!

In Combat

  • Keep this dogs at bay!
  • Without relent!
  • Into the flames!
  • No mercy!
  • Push on!
  • Stay behind me!
  • Steady now!

Under Attack

  • Holding the line!
  • It's nothing we can quell!
  • Don't let them flank us!
  • Mind your shields!
  • They cannot stop us!
  • They shall not break our ranks!


  • Cover the retreat!
  • Fall back!
  • Regroup!



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