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Ceramic armor was an aircraft upgrade exclusive to Zone Operations Command aircraft.


Realizing the inherent danger of operations and troop transport into Red Zones, the ZOCOM subfaction of GDI has developed a proprietary ceramic compound that, when bonded to a heavy metal backing material, provides a significant increase in damage absorption for all ZOCOM aircraft.[1]

Game Effect[]

Researched at the Airfield, all ZOCOM Orcas, Hammerheads and Firehawks outfitted with this upgrade permanently absorb reduced damage from all damage sources by 25%: equivalent to a 33% increase to overall health. Note that, unlike the upgrade's Steel Talons and mainline GDI counterparts, ceramic armor also applies to Hammerhead gunships.

Most GDI aerial formations do not fit their aircraft with heavier armor, as the heavy combat their forces are expected to see often require more munitions than durability. As such, they instead outfit their forces with Hardpoints, which increases the number of missiles or bombs that they can carry on an attack run.

It is worth noting that, due to how the same ZOCOM, Steel Talons, and GDI aircraft are all internally considered different units, it is impossible to fit aircraft with both Hardpoints and Ceramic Armor unless the game is modified to allow for such.



See Also[]

  • Hardpoints, standard GDI and Steel Talons counterpart


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