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Smile before the camera, Commander. We must look our best when the Brotherhood comes to visit.
- Vega to Peter Tao

Cesar Vega was a South American drug lord and a somewhat ineffective general of the Brotherhood of Nod during the early stages of the Second Tiberium War.


Vega controlled most of the Nod splinter factions in the Western hemisphere prior to Kane's reappearance. His Eastern hemisphere counterpart was general Hassan, the "would-be Pharaoh".[1]

Cesar Vega also was an infamous drug lord who delt in a narcotic substance called "Eye Candy"[2], to which he himself was addicted.[3]

Awkwardly enough, Vega's brother and nephew, Javier and Ricardo Vega, were soldiers enlisted in the Global Defense Initiative.[4]

Nod reunification

Vega had secretly allied himself with Kane in the years prior to the Second Tiberium War[3]; at the time, Kane was believed dead by the world and still operated from the shadows.[5] Vega's main base of operations was in Honduras, built on an island around an old pre-Columbian pyramid.[3] Its main power came from a hydroelectric dam somewhere in southern Mexico.[6]

The outbreak of war

As Kane revealed himself and galvanized the GDI, Vega's forces launched a surprise attack on Phoenix Base.[7] Vega was on hand to personally execute Peter Tao, the base's commander.[8]

The fall of Cesar

The remainder of the Second Tiberium War, however, went poorly for Vega. The general was ordered to secure a First Tiberium War-era "alien warship" from near Nod's Sarajevo Temple, and return it safely to Kane in Cairo. Instead, Vega's drug-addled mind decided to commandeer the 'stupid ship' in order to 'settle an old score in South America', and he ended up crash landing the vessel in the southern United States, right in front of GDI's advancing forces.[9] The unfortunate mishap was compounded by GDI's subsequent capture of the ship,[10] although the vessel's true prize, the Tacitus, was eventually salvaged by Anton Slavik against all odds.[9]

Perhaps when McNeil arrives to kill you, you will take some time to learn from the man. I'm sure he'll teach you lessons you'll carry with you the rest of your life, which, by the way, is about seven minutes.
- Kane's final words to Vega

When the Forgotten's leader, Tratos, was liberated from Nod captivity he offered GDI the location of Vega's base of operations in Honduras. An assault led by Michael McNeil shortly thereafter overran Vega's best defenses. Cesar's pleas for reinforcements fell on deaf ears; Kane was displeased with his general and expressed it by launching a nuclear warhead directly at Vega's base. With no way to escape, Cesar Vega overdosed himself on "Eye Candy" and died after a very brief interrogation at the hands of McNeil.[3]


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