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Ren Game icon.png
Ren Chameleon Ingame.jpg
Faction CNC1 Nod Emblem.png Brotherhood of Nod
Role Melee vehicle
Weapons Blade grinder, spikes
Cost $800
Produced by Airstrip
Health 400
Armor 400

The Chameleon is a Nod hidden vehicle in Renegade.


The Chameleon is a four-wheeled box vehicle with a frontal set of blade grinders and three spikes attached to the rear. The roof of vehicle has the Nod insignia and Westwood Studios logo.

The Chameleon is a melee vehicle, capable of instantly crushing any enemy infantry it runs over. However, it does no damage to any vehicle or building it rams into.

The vehicle is only available on servers with the extras variable enabled. To access the vehicle, one needs to hold ALT while selecting the vehicles menu.[1]

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