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Charged Particle Beams was an upgrade exclusively available for the Black Hand sub-faction of Nod in Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath.


As his voice on the battlefield, Marcion sought to bring the Prophecy of Tiberium even to the lowest of his soldiers. Confessor cabals can be augmented with the Prophet’s Crystal to fire a beam of ionic Tiberium, a highly-reactive charged species that can rip through enemy flesh and light armor.[1]

Game effect[]

If both a Black Hand Tech Lab and Marked of Kane Awakened infantry are available, the Awakened will be affected by the upgrade and gain the particle beam to replace their machine gun attack. This beam is surprisingly powerful when used by the Awakened, even against vehicles and structures, as the machine gun becomes a particle beam launcher similar to that of unupgraded Enlightened. The easiest way to do this is to play the Tacitus Regained mission, build the Black Hand tech tree after the player gets a Black Hand MCV, and research the upgrade. The player will already have access to Awakened since he starts out with the Marked of Kane. This anomaly was removed in the unofficial 1.02+ patch.


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