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Dr. Charles Olivetti was the secretary of defense of the United Nations during the First Tiberium War and was supervising GDI. An interview conducted by the WWN with him had him considering the idea of reinstating draft in European countries to help the war effort against the Brotherhood of Nod as well as renouncing the use of nuclear weapons to combat them.

Following the battles at the Temples of Nod at Cairo and Sarajevo, Dr. Olivetti sent prepared statements to the press, noting battles had "technically acceptable levels" of causalities. Olivetti also admitted the ion cannon was in development for several years, despite official denials by the United Nations public relations officers.

Selected quotes

On nuclear weapons

The free world has gone out of its way to offer a olive branch to the Nod regime - a gesture refused time and again. Though the technology is within our reach, the Global Defense Initiative has voluntarily renounced all forms of nuclear competition to assure peace among the European communities afflicted by the Nod crisis. Innocent lives need not be lost to eliminate this terrorist organization known as The Brotherhood.
- For WWN[1]

On draft

The world will endure the war forced upon it. Many countries understand their existence is at stake. They know what to expect if the unforgiving enemy is victorious. They know only strength and unity can stand against the Nod oppressors. No means is too evil for these puppeteers and warmongers. It is for this reason our countries must stand united, and every citizen must deliver their utmost for this world to experience peace once again.
- Interview for WWN


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