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Chefs are civilians employed by Nod in Renegade.


Nod employs them to work on Nod ships and in Hand of Nod facilities to serve Nod troops food. They are extremely loyal and allowed to wield flamethrowers. They will fire on GDI troops if they get the chance, often surprising them.


Cost: 50 Cr
Health: 100
Armour: 100

Chef's are usually armed with a flamethrower. In some cases they tend to their meals with it in case of power outage. Despite regular clothing and the role they are put in, they are slightly stronger than Nod Officers. Most in-game are holding command keys.

His model is available in multiplayer, on servers with the extras variable enabled [1]. To access him, one needs to hold ALT while selecting the characters menu. Chef is equipped with the standard pistol and flamethrower.


  • Adam Locke will reprimand Havoc if he kills a chef in mission Armored Assault but not in Stowaway.
  • The EVA database humorously describes the Chef's possibility of unwavering loyalty as a result of their curry.


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