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Fear the green thumb!
- Chem buggy when ordered to attack

The chem buggy is a Nod anti-infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


The chem buggy is Nod’s first known attempt to mechanize Dr. Giraud’s corrosive Tiberium gas cloud weaponry. The chem buggy’s ability to fire on the move allows aggressive Nod commanders to quickly spray down enemy units with ease.[3]


Game unit[]

The Chem buggy is a specialty anti-infantry vehicle. The damage from the Tiberium spray is bad enough, but the Tiberium Cloud it leaves behind deals a significant amount of splash damage to the infantry, which affects the large squads the most. Chem buggy does very little damage to vehicles.

The Chem buggy is lightly armored and cannot take a lot of damage. To minimize the received damage, the Chem Buggy can attack the infantry only as long as it takes to place the cloud and retreat to safety. The cloud alone can kill lighter infantry and do significant damage to heavier units, forcing them to move away. Ability to shoot while moving negates any defender's advantage that the opponent would have.

The Chem buggy is a good choice for Jade. The Tiberium cloud or even the Buggy itself can be hit with Jade's catalyst missile to create a large explosion. The more tiles the gas covers, the larger the explosion.[3] The buggy can shoot while moving, and coupled with its fast movement speed, it can quickly spread its gas over a large area

The Chem Buggy is vulnerable to most anti-vehicle armor and air units. The fast movement speed of the buggy can help it move out of harms way, but this can be countered by using burst damage units, like Orca. If the opponent plays Jade, the clouds produced by the buggy can be turned against it.


Oxanna Kristos Marauder Chuggy
Militant Laser Squad Mutant Marauder Attack Bikes Chem Buggy Banshee
Oxanna Kristos  
Laser Squad Fanatic Cyberwheel Attack Bikes Chem Buggy Stealth Tank



When created[]

  • Chem Buggy's weed killer kills, ha-ha!
  • Chem Buggy looking to spray!
  • Chem Buggy ready to prune!

When selected[]

  • Good day to spray!
  • Green thumbs up
  • Ready to weed the garden
  • I'll roundup every last weed!
  • Let's prune the enemy!

When moving[]

  • Weed killer moving out
  • Chem Buggy in motion
  • Moving and grooving
  • Gardener on the move

When moving to attack favorably[]

  • I can't stand no weeds in my garden
  • Greeny meany
  • There will be no weeds in me garden
  • Fear the green thumb!

When moving to attack neutral[]

  • That's me lot in life
  • I'll see to it
  • Very well
  • Rightio
  • With a skip in me step

When moving to attack unfavorably[]

  • I'd rather be gardening
  • Don't like the look of that one
  • Not sure this spray's strong enough

When unable to attack target[]

  • Can't be bothered
  • That's not a weed!
  • No chance

When attacking[]

  • The weeds are wilting
  • Pruning our enemies
  • Spraying the weeds
  • I'm green and mean

When under attack[]

  • I'm the one getting sprayed!
  • Chem Buggy getting pruned!
  • Chem Buggy under fire!
  • I'm getting clicked!


The Chem Quad was our first attempt at adding more Catalyst Missile synergy into the game. We like the interesting area denial and combo potential of the chem weapons and didn’t want them limited to only a single unit or building. We hope to add more Chem and non-chem synergies into the game in the future.
- MrBlack
  • The buggy was implemented to add more catalyst missile synergy.[3]



  • Very enthusiastic gardener, borderline maniacal. Female.
  • In community Chem Buggy is often shortened to chuggy.
  • Internal name is Chem Quad.

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