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A Chemical Missile Facility was a group of Nod buildings, that together enabled a Nod commander to launch Chemical missiles at his opponent. Creating these missiles was a complex process and because of that, many buildings were required. They were:

Also, it was necessary to have a veinhole "monster" in the vicinity, as it alone provided a plentiful supply of Tiberium veins. A Weed Eater vehicle was also required to harvest these veins. Most chemical missile facilities were heavily guarded, and were part of a regular (if not large) Nod base. Arguably the most notorious chemical missile facility was the one situated in Hamburg.

A chemical missile plant was a Nod factory which developed massive chemical missiles that were capable of devastating large areas with Tiberium-based gas. The facility itself was extremely heavily defended and buried in the heart of a massive Nod facility.


The Nod facility itself was a set of chemical storage tanks and production centers, as well as an operation missile silo. Furthermore, a Tiberium Waste Facility and a huge field of Tiberium Veins were also present at the site. These were the components necessary to launch the missiles.

Undoubtedly, these missiles started as Tiberium veins, which contained a considerable amount of Veinhole gas, lethal to infantry and highly damaging to vehicles and structures. It was then compressed and enriched to cause the massive devastation, by releasing the gas upon impact.

It was replaced by another building that controls the Catalyst Missile.

Historical Chemical Missile Facilities

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