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The Chemical Missile Plant Supply Depot was under the Brotherhood of Nod in the Second Tiberium War against GDI in the destruction of a Chemical missile facility, somewhere near the city of Hamburg in Germany.


Destroy Chemical Missile Plant (GDI Campaign)[]

GDI was in Nod's territory that secretly holded something for the shadowy superpower. The Chemical missile facility in Hamburg was discovered by GDI that will launch chemicals onto Tiberium. Nod forces attacked the GDI troops stationed there, but the Allied Nations of the organisation (including Germany) repelled the course of Nod's military standards. The Chemical Missile was disarmed when GDI attempted to destroy the facility that led to GDI's ultimate victory.

Nod Campaign[]

In protection of waste convoys, the depot was secretly a given hand to Nod's military and chemical history. GDI was trying to decimate all Nod forces from Germany which wasn't going well and the consquences for the Brotherhood's major Chemical Missiles approved a safer victory. Nod closed in on GDI which their base of operations was destroyed in the western part of the map. As Nod cheered, GDI came out with the Mammoth Mk. II project held at a research facility and some laboratories near London in England.

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