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For the Tiberian Dawn unit, see Chemical warrior (Tiberian Dawn).
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The Chemical warrior is a special close combat infantryman appearing in Renegade.


Members of the Black Hand[1] who underwent higher level weapons training and wear specialized biohazard suits that allow them to walk through Tiberium unharmed (although it is still very vulnerable to gunfire and shrapnel.

Each chemical warrior uses a V2 Venom chemical sprayer.


Chem warriors were phased out following the First Tiberium War. However, similar soldiers called Tiberium troopers are fielded by the Marked of Kane faction of Nod. With cybernetic enhancements and weapons designed by Doctor Alphonse Giraud, the Tiberium troopers entered combat in the early 2050s, after the Third Tiberium War.


In Renegade, he's the only human character that's completely immune to Tiberium, but he is not as difficult to kill as his strategy game counterpart, and is particularly vulnerable to fire-based weaponry. He is also a very easy target for snipers. His large helmet also makes it easy to headshoot him with any weapon. When killed, his Tiberium supply explodes, damaging anyone around him.



The chemical warrior appears in both Renegade and Tiberian Dawn. In Kane's Wrath a similar unit appears, dubbed the Tiberium trooper.


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