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*Ineffective against heavily armoured vehicles
*Ineffective against heavily armoured vehicles
*Still susceptible to Tiberium spores ejected from Blossom Trees
*Still susceptible to Tiberium spores ejected from Blossom Trees
*Cannot be built in singleplayer mode
*Can cause friendly fire

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Chemical warriors were a special Nod unit used during the First Tiberium War.


Chemical warriors were members of the Black Hand who underwent advanced weapon training and wore specialized bio-hazard suits which allowed them to cross Tiberium fields with ease.

Equipped with gas masks and other gear created by Kane's Temple of Nod scientists, the Chemical Warrior was the only infantry unit in the arsenals of either Nod or GDI capable of walking over Tiberium fields without fear of harm. They were, however, not protected against Tiberium spores ejected from Blossom Trees. The chemical spray weapon they carried produced a short-lived corrosive Tiberium gas that was very effective against armored targets.


By the time of the Second Tiberium War, these units were decommissioned. However, their legacy was revived in the form of Tiberium troopers following the Third Tiberium War.



  • Effective against infantry, light vehicles, and structures.
  • Reasonably cheap ($300).
  • Produce a poison gas that is 50% more lethal than a flamethrower
  • Unaffected by Tiberium and immune to their own gas.
  • Does Splash damage.


  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry units
  • Vulnerable to air units.
  • Ineffective against heavily armoured vehicles
  • Still susceptible to Tiberium spores ejected from Blossom Trees
  • Cannot be built in singleplayer mode
  • Can cause friendly fire


  • The Chemical warrior wears a German Dräger Simplex gas mask.


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