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Chicago, also known as the Windy City, is a sprawling metropolis home to millions of Americans located in the state of Illinois.

Tiberium universe[]

Chicago is a major GDI city in 2064. By 2064, due to the Tiberium mutation that rendered it impervious to sonic technology, allowing it to spread unchecked across the majority of the planet, Chicago was one of the few remaining Blue Zone cities on the planet. The inhabitants of the city are highly distrustful of anyone from a Red Zone, believing all of them to be Nod sympathizers. Especially those from Red Zone 483, where a Nod ambush that killed a GDI unit took place.

It is in Chicago that pivotal events in Christian Pierce's life take place. During Rios' political rally, he disarms a lone gunman and is hailed as a hero, securing himself a place among GDI special forces.

In 2074, the city is threatened by Gideon, who attempts to crash the GST Methuselah into it, to punish the unbelievers. Luckily, the city is saved by pierce, who crashes GSC Kennedy into it.

Red Alert universe[]

Third World War (first iteration)[]

Chicago fell quickly to the Soviets during the early stages of Third World War, and became a central staging ground for their forces during the invasion of the U.S. The city was left mostly intact during its occupation and few Allied forces remained to threaten the Soviets in the area. It became the site where the Soviets tried to deploy the Psychic Amplifier, a device that could place the entire nation under Soviet mind control. Recognizing the threat, the Allies launched a counteroffensive across Lake Michigan to recapture the city before the Soviets could activate the weapon.

In the resulting battle, a massive Allied naval force blasted its way through Chicago's harbour and launched an amphibious assault on the city, allowing them to establish a base of operations and build up an army to roll back the Red Menace. Although the Soviet resistance proved tenacious, the Allies eventually smashed through their defensive lines and destroyed the Psychic Amplifier before it could be activated, effectively saving the nation from mind control and liberating Chicago. Unfortunately, this victory proved short-lived.

Enraged at the loss of the Amplifier, General Vladimir launched a strategic nuclear weapon at the city, citing that it had outlived its usefulness. The nuclear blast tore buildings to pieces, sent cars flying like match sticks in a tornado, and incinerated people where they stood. Chicago was the victim of the worst Nuclear attack in history, the damage being far deadlier than any failed or successful nuclear weapon usage in all history: survivors are almost nil, and the once grand city was nothing more than smoking radioactive rubble and ruins.

The attack would hold severe consequences for the Soviets, though; Alarmed at the lengths the Soviets would go to conquer the West, Europe rushed to the aid of the Americans, which would prove disastrous for the Soviet Union as the war continued to unfold.

The city had many noteworthy monuments such as the Sears Tower, which was no more than a few blocks away from the epicentre of the nuclear blast and was one of the first buildings to collapse under the enormous pressure and heat of the missile's explosion.

Third World War (second iteration)[]

The damage was completely reversed when the Soviets and Allies went back in time to combat Yuri. Nevertheless, it is assumed that the Commander, Tanya and Eva, who travelled back in time, remembered the horror of the attack.

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