This is the fourth Imperial Mission of the Red Alert Iphone Game. In this mission you have to lead Izumi through the Soviet coastal city of Sochi, where the Soviets have an Airbase. Izumi has to destroy the Airbase and kill all Soviets in the city.

Mission Events

Izumi teleports there off screen and kills some soldiers (presumably) before the mission starts. She contacts you and tells you that you are to command her to destroy the entire base along with its units. Then, you test her strength with a few Concripts nearby.


Kill a few Conscripts with her Psychic Beams. Don't use the Psychic Blast until you go to the houses and get surrounded by infantry. Let her heal and engage the units up north. Use the Psionic Blast on the units and destroy the Tanks and Barracks.

Let her heal again and destroy the Tesla units in the east. Go back douth and trap the Infantry so you could use the blast on them. Again, heal her and sweep through buildings and Tanks. She is so powerful that she can even destroy the Mighty Apocalypse in 3 shots.

Destroy the Tanks that follow you and reach the main base. A cutscene will be played showing a Twinblade coming. After that, the Soviets will try to do a blitz on you. Use the blast and destroy all units. She can attack all kinds of units except Civilian structures so use her wisely. Go more to the end and some neutral Conscripts will come out of their hiding places. Kill them and head for a certain building and you will win. Hoi

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