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China is considered the seat of one of the oldest civilizations. A country and cultural region, China has been credited with creating many major inventions as gunpowder and paper. Its ancient roots can be traced more than six millennia. This is reflected by their writing system, which has been continually used since 1200 BC.

China was once ruled by a long line of emperors. The last emperor was overthrown in 1912 and China became a republic. But China was weak and had many internal issues. In 1949 the Nationalist government was exiled to Taiwan after communists led by Mao Zedong overthrew them.

Modern History

Despite being a member of the United Nations Security Council, China was considered a Nod affiliated nation during the First Tiberium War. Although China's central government backed GDI, the amount of influence the Brotherhood had on provincial and local levels severely undercut GDI control.

Like many nations post-Firestorm Crisis, China was devastated by Tiberium and much of its mainland became a Red Zone. Here Nod retained a presence, and a Nod secret research project was based here which eventually gave rise of the Marked of Kane. China's coastal territories remained habitable, but nevertheless classified as Yellow Zones. Only a few areas of the country, such as the Himalayas, remained pristine and relatively free of Tiberium.

During the Third Tiberium War, China became a battlefield once again as GDI, Nod and, later, the Scrin fought. Details are sketchy as battle reports remained classified. However at one stage during the War it is known that ZOCOM had relocated the prized Tacitus to China, and Nod managed to track it down just as GDI was preparing to move it once again. The Tacitus was transported to a coastal city in an MCV for evacuation by sea, but Nod forces under LEGION intercepted the Tacitus and its escorts as they entered the area. In the ensuing battle the Reaper-17 faction of the Scrin also arrived in the area, preceded by a devastating Tiberium meteor storm. Eventually, Nod captured the Tacitus, but the linking of the artifact to LEGION was interrupted by Alexa Kovacs, and the Tacitus soon fell back into GDI hands.

Central China is classified as a Red Zone and a Threshold tower was built by the Scrin upon their arrival on Earth. However, the tower was destroyed by GDI.

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