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The supply center is the resourcing building of China during the War against the GLA. The structure is used for material gathering and storage center.

Game structure

The supply center costs $2000, comes with supply trucks, with each delivery giving $300. This structure consist of supply truck hangar, warehouses, large tanks to store liquid material, and administration office. The structure is capable to assemble and launch another supply truck if required, but cannot repair the truck by themself. The truck is solely built for material gathering and is banned to be on other purpose (such as troop haulier).




Cameo shown on the Dozer's command list.

  • A small bug exists within the game files regarding this structure: when a Chinese construction dozer is ordered to build one, the cameo for the supply center shows an identical model, but when the center itself is selected, the cameo is that of a possibly earlier design.


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