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Our War Factories are working hard to make more tanks just for you, general!
- Ta Hun Kwai taunting about his heavy emphasis on tank production

War factories are structures assembled on the battlefield by China and are used to manufacture a large array of tanks and other vehicles.


The Chinese War Factory produces all of China's ground combat vehicles, from the basic Battlemaster tank to the devastating nuke cannon and the powerful Overlord tank, as well as providing some upgrades. It produces only one vehicle at a time, but multiple orders can be placed, provided the general has sufficient funds. If the faction's base has low power, the building can still function, but its manufacturing speed will be slowed considerably.

The War Factory can also repair damaged vehicles. Vehicles ordered in for repairs will queue outside of the factory and will be repaired on the repair pad individually. It can repair and manufacture vehicles simultaneously.

The player must have an existing Chinese Supply Center before the War Factory can be constructed.

Game structure[]


Build your war factories, general. They still will not produce tanks capable of stopping mine.
- Ta Hun Kwai




A factory cannot produce war and now your War Factory produces... Nothing.
- Leang



  • A prototype version of the Chinese war factory (bearing a Khan faction logo) from an alpha version of Generals is present in the game files.


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