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CNCG Chinook R


  • Supply collector
  • Transport


Hit points


Armour type

Chinook Armor

Transport slots

8 infantry

  • $1200
  • $950 (Granger)
Build time


Produced by

USA Supply Center



Air speed

60 (30 if badly damaged)

Sight range


ZH Countermeasures Icons
ZH Supply Lines Icons
Supply lines
Gen1 Combat Drop Icons
Combat Drop

Only lands if ordered to load or unload units or to undergo a repair

Gen1 Chinook Icons
Need a delivery, General?
- Chinook rolling out from the Supply Center

The Chinook is the USA's main transport and supply helicopter.


Loaded with U.S. quality!
- Chinook, proud to serve Uncle Sam

The Chinook is mostly used to transport units, with eight transport slots. Vehicles cost 3 slots, infantry 1, and contruction dozers cost 5 transport slots. A Chinook loaded with Rangers can be ordered to combat-drop them into a building garrisoned by the enemy, clearing it out.


Have fun, boys!
- Chinook on dropping Rangers to enemy garrisons
Gen1 Combat Drop Icons Combat Drop Drop Rangers in the Combat Chinook into a civilian buildings to capture the building. Can be performed on enemy garrisoned buildings.


Something for everyone!
- Chinook
ZH Countermeasures Icons Countermeasures Improved the Chinook's chances at escaping missile based anti-aircraft fire Purchasable at any American Airfield in Zero Hour for $1000
ZH Supply Lines Icons Supply Lines Improved the productivity of Chinooks resource gathering by 10% Purchasable at any Strategy Center in Zero Hour for $800

Game unit

Keep the supplies rollin'.
- Chinook

The Chinook is the main USA air transport unit, and is capable of transporting up to 8 infantry units or one or two vehicles. It is also the USA's supply gatherer, capable of loading up $600 worth of supplies in one go.

As a special ability, Rangers can exit the Chinook via four ropes without the Chinook needing to land. Rangers can rappel themselves directly into civilian structures to garrison them. If the structure they rappel into is already garrisoned by enemies, the Rangers will simply take it over by eliminating the enemies inside it.

Even though there is no supply drop off pad, a Chinook can unload at any allied supply center.



  • Quite durable
  • Very fast
  • Can travel directly over any terrain to reach supplies
  • Carries the most supplies out of all supply-gathering units, at $600 per load
  • Versatile as it can be reuse as a transport for infantry and vehicle, even can be used for building infiltration.


  • Unarmed
  • Highly vulnerable to anti-aircraft units
  • Like almost all aircraft, will be instantly destroyed by EMP blasts
  • Slowest resource gathering rate
  • Expensive, at $1200, and has a high profile due to being an air unit unlike the Chinese Supply Truck or GLA Worker, both of which require the enemy to get closer to a supply station to notice
  • When shot down, all of its cargo will be lost as well (infantry are heard burning to their deaths)
  • Cannot carry cargo and supply and the same time

Selected Quotes

Need a delivery, General?
- When emerging from the Supply Center
I got the goods.
- When selected
Keep it safe!
- When selected
Loaded with U.S. quality.
- When selected
Something for everyone.
- When selected
Serving our country.
- When selected
Who's signing for this?
- When selected
Keep the supplies rolling.
- When moving
Right on schedule.
- When moving
I'll get it there.
- When moving
Provisions en route.
- When moving
Distribution under way.
- When moving
Blades in motion.
- When moving
Drop zone confirmed!
- When combat-drop
Okay fellows, you ready?
- When combat-drop
Combat drop in motion!
- When combat-drop
We'll drop in on them!
- When combat-drop
Have fun, boys!
- When combat-drop
Aborting supply route!
- When being shot down
- When being shot down
Hang on!
- When being shot down
We're not gonna make it!
- When being shot down
I can't gain control!
- When being shot down
Oh no, oh no, OH NO!
- When being shot down
This supply pile is done!
- When run out of supplies
We're out of supplies over here!
- When run out of supplies
No more supplies from this source!
- When run out of supplies
Establishing supply route.
- When ordered to collect supply
Providing resources.
- When ordered to collect supply
Resuming supply chain.
- When ordered to collect supply
Everyone out!
- When unloading
It's been fun!
- When unloading
You guys be careful out there.
- When unloading
Don't forget to write!
- When unloading



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