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Loaded with U.S. quality.
- Chinook, proud to serve Uncle Sam

The Chinook served as the USA's supply collector and aerial transport during the GLA Conflict.

Official Description[]

The workhorse of the USA forces, the Chinook acquires and delivers supplies to the Supply Center. As circumstances require, the heavy-duty ‘copter can be redirected to carry two vehicles and two infantry units or up to eight infantry units alone.
- Generals manual(src)

Game Unit[]

Keep the supplies rollin'.
- Chinook

The Chinook's primary function is as the supply gatherer for all American factions. Deployed from the American supply center, they can carry an impressive $600 worth of supplies per run, the greatest per load out of all gatherers. Moreover, their aerial nature conferred superior mobility and speed. They could swiftly fly over terrain to loot distant supply stashes, somewhat reducing the need to construct far-flung supply bases. This also allowed them to dodge damage from irradiated supply depots, which would melt down Chinese Supply Trucks and near-instantly kill GLA Workers. Because they did not need to land to perform the supply-gathering function (lowering cargo nets to capture supplies) the Chinook could continue to operate even if the ground were contaminated. The Chinook can unload at any friendly supply facility even if it does not have the helipad shown on the USA's supply center, should the player have control of non-USA buildings.

Chinooks can also transport ground units. They had an impressive eight transport slots, the most of any vehicle deployed in the conflict, and could ferry both infantry an vehicles. Larger vehicles took up three slots, and the heavy-duty Construction Dozers used up five.

Rangers were trained to work in conjunction with Chinook pilots to clear occupied buildings. These soldiers used ropes to rappel down into garrisonable structures, clearing out any enemy troops before fortifying it themselves. Note that only Rangers were trained to perform this maneuver, and any other troops onboard would stay in the helicopter.

While these helicopters could perform different roles, they could not do so at the same time: any supplies that were currently being lifted would be jettisoned if troops came onboard, and likewise they could not pick up supplies while carrying units. These supplies would be completely abandoned and could not be recovered.

Air Force General Granger's Chinooks incorporated a laser point defense system to shoot down missiles, like most of his aircraft.


However, like other supply-gathering units, they were completely unarmed. Their aerial nature and speed conferred greater survivability compared to their counterparts in other factions, but they would still fall to continuous fire. Any troops within them would be immediately killed upon the helicopter's destruction.

Their high carrying capacity was also offset by their being the most expensive of all supply gatherers in the conflict; Supply Trucks cost $600 to build and the cheap, rather involuntary labor of Workers a mere $200.

They would become temporarily vulnerable to all ground units when landing to load or unload troops, or when repairing at an air field.


America's specialized Air Force General, Malcom Granger, developed a modified version of the Chinook that was more geared toward assault operations, as it allowed garrisoned infantry to fire from within. This model, dubbed the "Combat Chinook", was also armed with a point-defense laser for passive defense against ballistics, as did Granger's standard Chinooks,which were cheaper due to his special production methods.


Have fun, boys!
- Chinook on dropping Rangers to enemy garrisons
  • Chinook drops 4 ropes with a 900-1500 msec delay
  • Each Ranger dropped with a 30 rappel speed
  • Chinook can gather 8 supply boxes from Supply docks to carry and unload they into American supply center
  • Gathers each supply box from Supply docks with 1200 msec delay
  • Unloads all supply boxes on American supply center with 2900 msec delay
  • Each unload supply box converted into $75 ($82.5 with Supply lines)
  • Only one Chinook or Combat Chinook can gather supply boxes from each Supply docks


Something for everyone!
- Chinook


When created[]

  • Need a delivery, General?

When selected[]

  • I got the goods.
  • Keep it safe!
  • Loaded with U.S. quality.
  • Something for everyone.
  • Serving our country.
  • Who's signing for this?

When ordered to move[]

  • Keep the supplies rolling.
  • Right on schedule.
  • I'll get it there.
  • Provisions en route.
  • Distribution under way.
  • Blades in motion.

When ordered to collect supplies[]

  • Establishing supply route.
  • Providing resources.
  • Resuming supply chain.

When running out of supplies[]

  • This supply pile is done!
  • We're out of supplies over here!
  • No more supplies from this source!

When ordered to evacuate units[]

  • Everyone out!
  • It's been fun!
  • You guys be careful out there.
  • Don't forget to write!

When ordered to combat-drop[]

  • Drop zone confirmed!
  • Okay fellas, you ready?
  • Combat drop in motion!
  • We'll drop in on them!
  • Have fun, boys!

When being shot down[]

  • Aborting supply route!
  • Aaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Hang on!
  • We're not gonna make it!
  • I can't gain control!
  • Oh no, oh no, OH NO!




  • Because of its early availability and fast speed, some skilled players have successfully used the Chinook in rush attacks to drop infantry into the opposing starting location before significant enemy combat power has been built, capturing undefended buildings and quickly winning the match.
  • Though the maximum number of infantry they can carry is eight, this can be increased by loading them into Humvees first; each Humvee takes up there slots, but can hold five troops, which gives the Chinook a total carrying capacity of twelve. This also had the added bonus of deploying two Humvees to the field to support them.
  • The Chinook (and its combat variant) are the only aircraft manually fielded by the United States that cannot gain veterancy, and therefore can never eject a Pilot.

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