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Chrono Ivan is a stolen-tech unit available to Soviet and Allied Commanders during the first and second iterations of the Third World War. It is essentially the same as a regular Crazy Ivan, with the ability to teleport to any location on the map.

The unit is acquired upon the successful infiltration of an Allied battle lab (in Red Alert 2, provided a Soviet barracks is built) or a Soviet one (in Yuri's Revenge) by a spy.


Chrono Ivan carries the standard explosive payload of a Crazy Ivan. However, he is also equipped with the power of portable Chronosphere technology derived from the Chrono Legionnaire, which allowed him to take a far more aggressive approach than had been performed by regular Crazy Ivans. In addition to being able to wire virtually any unit or structure with explosives, he can quickly chronoshift into the heart of an enemy base, plant explosives on key structures, and then rapidly escape out of the base, leaving an upcoming wave of destruction in his wake. Chrono Ivans, upon entering an IFV, transform the vehicle into an instrument for suicide bombing, same as the regular Crazy Ivan. The high speed of this "demolition" IFV makes it difficult to destroy before reaching its target. The radiation left behind from the explosion of this vehicle suggests that it involves the use of "dirty bombs", or even small nuclear warheads.


Chrono Ivans take time to completely phase in to new locations when chronoshifting, which makes them, laden with explosives, vulnerable to weaponry of all kinds, including the mind control of Yuri clones and other psychic units, while phasing in from the time stream, and often resulted in him only making chronoshifts in short intervals as he advanced forward to new positions, although his vanishing escapes out of a location could be nearly instantaneous. Also, the Chrono Ivan is more expensive than the standard Crazy Ivan, even more so in Yuri's Revenge. Also, as with the original Crazy Ivan, engineers can defuse his explosives before they are detonated.

The chrono commando is superior to the Chrono Ivan in destroying structures, as the former's C4 detonates instantly and guarantees the destruction of the targeted building, being more powerful than the Ivan's delayed TNT.

They share their voice sets with the Crazy Ivan.


  • Red Alert 2 patch 1.004: Crazy/Chrono Ivan bombs can now be planted on all bridges.
  • Yuri's Revenge (released version 1.000): changed prerequisites.
  • Yuri's Revenge patch 1.001: if the player places an infantry unit with a Crazy/Chrono Ivan bomb on it into a Battle Fortress, waits for the timer to tick down, then deploys the infantry, the bomb will now explode right after the infantry exits the Battle Fortress instead of vanishing.



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Beta veteran icon:
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  • When a Chrono Ivan has been killed by any means, it does not produce violent explosion unlike the regular Crazy Ivan.

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