Chrono You Didn't
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Offshore Killing


Tesla's Castle

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Shrink Zone

Chrono You Didn't is a Commander's Challenge mission in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. The Commander is the one that was defeated back three missions ago from using the Athena Cannon from Greece: Lydia Winters, herself. The Futuretech Commander finds out that a Chronosphere is an unlocked tech that he needs to find. Lydia tells him that this weapon can cause a Chronoshift into the future. Kelly Weaver, the CPO of FutureTech says that Time Travel would've been changing the same as that superweapon and sends the Commander to take it. This is relatively the ninth mission before Tesla's Castle and after Offshore Killing.


The Futuretech Commander was sent to Canada to bring the Chronosphere back to FutureTech from Lydia Winters before she can use it against the Commander. She has three bases up against him and her forces will be teleporting all round using this familiar Superweapon as the timer he is given actually counts down to zero. The Commander smashes her bases and she is defeated in battle. The Chronosphere is now in his hands and FutureTech celebrates with a glorious victory at their headquarters in Amsterdam.

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