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A little C4 knockin' at your door!
- Chrono commando
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The chrono commando is a special Allied unit in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, obtained when an Allied spy infiltrates an Allied battle lab. In RA2, an Allied barracks is also required to train chrono commandos.


Chrono commandos are specially trained SEAL operatives, equipped with a man-portable Chronosphere device, identical to the one used by chrono legionnaires. Apart from the ability to chronoshift across the map, chrono commandos retain their trademark equipment such as the C4 explosive charges, however their cameo shows an Uzi instead of an MP5.

As with the chrono legionnaire, the longer the distance the unit teleports through, the more time it takes to phase back in, during which time the commando stands frozen and defenseless in the destination point. Also, due to the equipment they wear, they are unable to swim.

Oddly, they will not fire at explosive barrels or ammo crates with their submachine gun, they use C4 instead, which is obviously suicidal. The same applies for nuclear reactors and oil derricks. Chrono commandos are vulnerable against air attacks as well as mind control, as their range is just shorter than that of the mind-controlling unit.



  • Easily cuts through entire armies of enemy infantry.
  • Instant explosive charge; does not require time to get inside and destroy it.
  • Chronoshift grants immense mobility.
  • Immune to crush, except from Battle Fortresses.


  • Lightly armoured
  • Cannot swim.
  • Vulnerable after chronoshifting.
  • Cannot destroy an oil derrick or a nuclear reactor without being killed by the resulting explosion.
  • Cannot destroy bridge repair hut, Unlike the counterpart.
  • The most expensive infantry available in game ($2000).
  • Can become a huge threat if mind-controlled.
  • Can not damage buildings surrounded by walls.
  • This unit will be announced to all players when trained.


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