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25px-Disambig For the Aftermath unit, see Chrono tank (Red Alert 1).
CnC-RA3-win-cover The following is based on content cut from Red Alert 3 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
The Chrono Tank idea was pretty straightforward. On the art side it came together easily - it's just a slightly futuristic tank with a Chronosphere mounted on it.
- Matt Britton, Red Alert 3 Lead Art Director

The Chrono tank was a cancelled Allied unit from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. It was to be able to chronoshift without a Chronosphere and armed with a gun similar to that of the Guardian tank. It was replaced by the Mirage tank in the game.

Behind the Scenes

This version of the Chrono Tank was cut from Red Alert 3 and mentioned during an interview where the reason behind it was that it was difficult to counter a teleporting tank, as well as the fact that the Mirage Tank possessed a greater advantage compared to the Chrono Tank.[1]


The tank appears in the Red Alert 3 mod Shock Therapy, with a model that closely resembles the concept art.



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