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Einstein wanted me to warn you that the Chronosphere could produce unknown side effects. Be careful when using it, even we do not understand its full power.
- Nikos Stavros(src)
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A chrono vortex is an unfortunate side effect of the use of Chronosphere technology during the Second World War.


It is essentially a rift in the space-time continuum that rampages through the battlefield, destroying everything in its path. It appears as a giant whirlpool of bending time, defying the laws of physics. This devastating event has a 20% chance[1][2] of happening each time the Chronosphere is activated if a vortex does not already exist. Vortexes were generated near the device in use and appeared as swirling space-time rifts.

During the final assault on Moscow, General Nikos Stavros warned Field Commander A9 that using the Chronosphere could produce "unknown side effects". It's assumed that this vortex is the side effect that Stavros was warning the commander about.

Later iterations of the Chronosphere do not produce chrono vortices, possibly due to improved designs.

Game effects[]

There is a 20% probability[1][2] *any* use of the Chronosphere will create a Chrono Vortex (called 'ChronalVortex' in the game's code[3]). A vortex moves at speed 10, deals 200 damage per "shot", and searches for targets within a range of 10[1]. A vortex's lifetime is variable. A vortex has a 1 in 2 chance of 'hiding' for a random amount of time after zapping an enemy[4].

Units destroyed by a Chrono Vortex do not reappear later[5].

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