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Surprise commander we can teleport our navy in a blink of an eye so if I were you I wouldn't blink again.
- Lissette([[March of the Red Army|src]])

The Chronosphere was the Allied superweapon during the Third World War and The Uprising.


Despite the Soviet Union having the initial advantage during the war, the Allies have managed to withstand the Soviet onslaught using various unorthodox new weapons and technologies, one of which was the Chronosphere.

One of many cutting-edge engineering marvels developed in secret by the minds at FutureTech, the Chronosphere was a matter-transport device capable of teleporting groups of vehicles from one point on the battlefield to another[1].

The Chronosphere was initially controversial[2], but proved to be a powerful addition to the Allied arsenal.


The Chronosphere has a large number of potential uses, the most obvious of which is teleporting a strike team behind enemy lines. It can also be used to move slower units such as MCVs quickly, which is useful for establishing a distant base. It can also be used to save expensive units, such as Aircraft carriers, from destruction.

Since land units are instantly destroyed when teleported into water, and vessels are destroyed when teleported onto land, this can be exploited to destroy enemy forces. Though it should be noted that amphibious units, such as Imperial Tsunami tanks, are unaffected. Units can also be teleported directly into enemy structures, destroying them and damaging said structures.

Furthermore, the infantry killing property of the Chronosphere can be used to take out enemy commandos.

The Chronosphere can be built starting in mission Forever Sets the Sun.


RA3 Chronoshift Icons.png
Chronoshift Matter-transport target units to any other point in the field! Caution: Deadly to infantry.


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