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Ren Map C&C City.jpg
Geographic data
Environment Urban
Game information
Game Renegade
Internal name C&C_City.mix
  • Has a version with flying vehicles enabled

City is a multiplayer map for Renegade. The flying version of the map was added in patch 1.030.


City is a large and sprawling nighttime map bordered by skyscrapers, with the bases connected by a single figure 8 road. There are tunnels for infantry inside the skyscrapers. Base defenses consist of an Advanced Guard Tower for GDI, and two Turrets and the Obelisk of Light for Nod. Each base also gets an infantry-producing building, a vehicle-producing building, a Power Plant, and a Refinery. Outside of the bases, there are Tiberium fields below the central underpass.

City offers a plethora of options on tactics. A player can take the over pass, the underpass, the side passages or even the footpath tunnels to the enemy base. The base defenses will help a lot, but even they have their weaknesses.


CNC1 GDI Emblem.png Global Defense Initiative CNC1 Nod Emblem.png Brotherhood of Nod


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