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C&C Covert Ops Cover.gif The following is based on the missions of The Covert Operations and might contradict canon.
GDI has intercepted and captured one of our MCVs. We were counting on that vehicle to establish a foothold in the area. Recover the MCV and remove any trace that GDI had even been there.
- Mission briefing

Cloak and Dagger is the fifth Nod mission in The Covert Operations.[1]


GDI had successfully captured an MCV vital to Nod's proliferation in the area. Held in a heavily fortified base a traditional assault would be to costly to Nod and without a base of their own they had no way to match the firepower of GDI. Resorting to cloak and dagger tactics they sent a lone Stealth Tank to infiltrate the base and free the MCV from captivity.


Covert Operations - Cloak And Dagger


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