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The Cloaking Field is one of the more useful support powers in the Third Tiberium War, which generates a permanent stealth bubble on vehicles and parked aircraft.


The Cloaking Field requires 3,000 credits per use, and is deployed from an Operations Center. It grants permanent stealth to all units in its area of effect, including landed aircraft.

The stealth remains effective whether the unit is stationary or mobile, but only if the unit is passive or not attacking. It only temporarily disperses when the affected unit fires, or when it runs too close to an enemy unit or structure possessing stealth detection capability. The Cloaking Field has no effect on innately stealthed units, such as stealth tanks and specters. This power is especially useful for stealthing Avatar Warmechs - use on 3 or more Avatars is far cheaper than sacrificing 3 stealth tanks, does not require the time to construct the stealth tanks, and achieves the exact same effect.

However, this support power is harmful to infantry. It may instantly kill lower-tier infantry squads in one blow. Using it on enemy Scrin vehicles with Buzzers attached instantly kills the latter.

Nod and Marked of Kane Cloaking fields are considered to be separate support powers, despite them being identical in effect, price and cooldown.

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