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For the Tiberium Alliances version, see Cobra (Tiberium Alliances).

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The Cobra is a Nod Support-class medium aircraft appearing in Tiberian Twilight.[1]


The Cobra is armed with a cannon that can only attack ground units. The cannon is designed to easily pierce medium tank armour, but is not so effective against heavily-armoured units like Mammoth Tanks It is the Nod Support Class's only true anti-tank unit that is effective against medium tanks like the GDI Hunter, and as such, is an important part of the Nod Support Commander's arsenal during the early phases of any battle.

Game unit

The Cobra's armour is resistant towards gunfire, but is very vulnerable against rockets. As such, Sandstorm MLRS's, Mammoth Tanks and Talons are a dangerous threat and should be avoided, using the Cobra's superior speed. Cobras are defenseless against aircraft, and particularly vulnerable to the rockets of Orca Mk. Vs and Hammerheads.

The Cobra can be upgraded with Cloak Modules, which give it stealth capabilities, greatly increasing their usefulness and flexibility.

There is no real GDI equivalent of the Cobra. Their analogue in the opposing GDI Support Class is the Sheppard Tank.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses it to destroy several vehicles.

The Cobra is unique in being the only aircraft in the game armed with a cannon, which gives it the advantage of being able to attack other cannon-type vehicles without fear of retaliation.



  • According to the Worldbuilder, it was originally called Bane.


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