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The Cold Fusion Reactor was the most common power source for USA military bases in the GLA War


They produced electricity through fusion of atomic cores, and this process could be upgraded at a small fee by installing control rods to effectively double the reactor's output. General Townes tweaked his reactors (dubbed "Advanced Cold Fusion Reactors") to generate about 60% more power by default to supply his defenses and oddly enough, his main battle tanks as well.

General Alexis Alexander also chose to further develop even more efficient, but experimental "Advanced Control Rods". By default her reactors also provided the same amount of power as standard reactors but when upgraded with their control rods, could provide a 300% boost to continually feed her sparse power grid.

Rumor has it that the Chinese General Leang used cold fusion reactors in place of the default nuclear reactors.


Gen1 Control Rods Icons.png
Control Rods Doubles the reactor's output. Purchasable at the Cold Fusion Reactor itself for $500.
ZH Advanced Control Rods Icons.png
Advanced Control Rods Quadruples the reactor's output. Purchasable at the Cold Fusion Reactor itself in Zero Hour for $500. General Alexis Alexander only


  • In reality, scientists presume that cold fusion is technologically impossible, at least due to trivial physical laws (atom-cores will not merge in such cold temperatures, etc.).
  • Strangely, all reactors can be upgraded with "Control Rods", even though fusion reactors do not use control rods.


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