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Go back to Mars or wherever the heck you came from!
- GDI Soldier shouts in victory during the Battle Of Cologne'

Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany, having been founded by the Romans in the year 30 BC. Cologne was granted the status of a Roman "city" in the year 50 AD. Cologne lies on the Rhine.


As part of the New Eden blue zone, Cologne's Tiberium deposits took years to store and contain. Much of the city's crystals were kept in GDI's Tiberium silos. GDI determined Cologne to have very little strategic value after running many diagnostic analyses several times, and so became complacent about its security. Nevertheless, GDI did maintain its garrison forces in the city. During the Third Tiberium War it was one of the targets of a massive Scrin attack, which destroyed much of the city and decimated the defenders' forces. The Scrin also took out GDI's Tiberium silos, which allowed the Tiberium crystals to spread throughout the city. A small GDI strike force was sent into the area. It was able to determine the Scrin military presence and their size as well as reactivate the GDI base in the area. The GDI forces pushed the invaders back and eventually destroyed the heavily guarded Drone Platform, rendering the Scrin forces helpless and unoperational.


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