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Gen Gameicon.png ZH Gameicon.png
CNCG Comanche Cameo.png
CNCG Comanche R.png
Affiliation Gen USA Logo.png United States
Role Support helicopter
  • 20mm chaingun
  • 4 anti-tank missiles
  • Rocket pods (upgrade)
Hit points 220
Armor type
  • Comanche Armor
  • Countermeasures Comanche Armor with Countermeasures
  • $1500
  • $1200 (Granger)
  • Build time 0:20
    Produced by American airfield
    Hotkey C
    Ground attack
    • 6 (chaingun) (Comanche Vulcan)
    • 50 (missiles) (Jet Missile)
    • 30 (rocket pod) (Explosion)
  • 100 (chaingun)
  • 500 (missiles)
  • 200 (rocket pod)
  • Air speed 120
    Attack range 200
    Sight range 200-600
    Upgrades Gen1 Rocket Pods Icons.jpg Rocket Pods
    ZH Countermeasures Icons.png Countermeasures
    ZH Stealth Comanche Upgrade Icons.jpg Stealth Comanche Upgrade (Granger only)
    Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png Advanced Training
    Abilities Gen1 Fire Rockets Icons.png Rocket Barrage
    Gunship reporting in!
    - Comanche reporting for duty.

    The Comanche is the USA's chief attack helicopter in the war against the GLA. Used primarily for the close support of ground forces, the Comanche is armed with a chaingun and missiles by default; the chaingun can fire continuously, while the missiles fire 4 at a time, with a brief recharge time.


    A staple combat helicopter in the USA's arsenal, the RAH-66 Comanche is fitted with multiple weapon systems capable of quickly destroying ground targets. Its nose-mounted chaingun is deadly to enemy infantry, and its homing missiles deal good damage to vehicles and buildings. For even more firepower, it can gain rocket pods via the Rocket Pods upgrade.

    Game unit

    Gunship reporting in!
    - Comanche

    The Comanche's chief purpose is close air support for ground units on the offensive. Highly maneuverable, it is effective against ground units of most types, especially infantry and light vehicles, which are easy prey. In groups they are potentially very dangerous, particularly in the case of General Granger's 'Stealth Comanches'. They make very good base guards, as they are immune to Rebel Ambushes, infantry drops, tank drops and a large enough group can destroy a Sneak Attack tunnel before it is fully deployed.

    The Rocket Pod upgrade enables a Comanche to fire a staggering amount of rockets in a given area, and was capable of being used to destroy buildings or a large group of units, making them effective for demolition duty in a pinch. Interestingly, if a Comanche using the rocket barrage ability is ordered to stop before expending the rocket supply and another target is within range, it will fire the remaining rockets on said target (provided it's an enemy unit or base defense) before using its gun and primary rockets.

    Groups are capable of destroying most anti-air units. Most anti-aircraft units are effective against the Comanche, notable examples being the GLA's Quad Cannon and China's Gatling Cannon. Rogue MiGs and Raptors are also quite dangerous to it. Comanches in general suffer from poor armor.

    EMP weapons are also capable of causing the Comanche to crash by disabling it. Pilots parachute as normal.

    They are also the only aircraft among General Granger's forces to not have a Point Defense Laser system, most likely for balance of gameplay, as a large swath of Comanches with single PDLs would be extremely lethal to almost every single ground unit.


    Unloading rockets
    - Comanche preparing Rocket Barrage
    Gen1 Fire Rockets Icons.png
    Fire Rockets Orders the Comanche to empty its rocket pods at the target location. The rockets don't track targets, but scatter randomly across a wide area, damaging everything that happens to be within the scatter radius.


    How 'bout those rocket pods?!
    - Comanche
    Gen1 Rocket Pods Icons.jpg Rocket Pods Unlocks the Rocket Barrage ability. Purchasable at any American Airfield for $800
    ZH Countermeasures Icons.png Countermeasures Allows the Comanche to defend itself against missile attacks. Purchasable at any American Airfield in Zero Hour for $1000
    ZH Stealth Comanche Upgrade Icons.jpg Stealth Comanche Upgrade Makes the Comanche difficult to detect. Purchasable at any Malcolm Granger Airfield in Zero Hour for $1000
    Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png Advanced Training Allows the Comanche to gain rank twice as quickly. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500


    • Generals sneak peek patch 1.02:
      • hit points increased from 200 to 220
      • damaged Comanches now move faster
    • Generals patch 1.05: now reloads more reliably
    • Zero Hour patch 1.03:
      • now get the red rocket trails when they achieve heroic rank
      • blades no longer collide with anything.
      • rocket pod "instant damage speed" removed
      • now displays upgrade for stealth upgrade (Granger only)

    Selected Quotes

    Gunship reporting in!
    - When emerged from the Airfield
    In the field.
    - When selected
    Frequencies open.
    - When selected
    Need a little ground support?
    - When selected
    Comanche here.
    - When selected
    Yes, sir.
    - When selected
    Moving to new AO.
    - When moving
    Nav systems set.
    - When moving
    Visibility clear.
    - When moving
    Flying low.
    - When moving
    Air cover's on the way.
    - When moving
    Hose them down!
    - When ordered to attack
    Search and clear!
    - When ordered to attack
    Making a sweep!
    - When ordered to attack
    We're going in!
    - When ordered to attack
    Got their position!
    - When ordered to attack
    Operation underway!
    - When ordered to attack
    Got their position!
    - When ordered to attack
    Got you covered!
    - When ordered to attack
    This one's mine!
    - When ordered to attack
    Unloading rockets!
    - When ordered to use Rocket Pods
    Time to strike!
    - When ordered to use Rocket Pods
    All accessible targets!
    - When ordered to use Rocket Pods
    Finish him off!
    - When ordered to use Rocket Pods
    How 'bout those rocket pods!?
    - When ordered to use Rocket Pods
    I'm hit, I'm hit!
    - When being shot down
    I've lost control of her!
    - When being shot down
    Eject, eject!
    - When being shot down
    I can't hold her!
    - When being shot down
    Going down!
    - When being shot down
    Rocket pods are now available, sir.
    - When the Comanche Rocket Pods upgrade is completed

    Cut Laser Comanche quotes

    Who needs rockets when we have lasers!?
    - When selected
    Laser Comanche ready to strike.
    - When selected
    Comanche laser systems online.
    - When selected
    Light 'em up!
    - When ordered to attack
    Poke some holes through 'em!
    - When ordered to attack

    Unused Stealth Comanche quotes

    Stealth Comanche here.
    - When selected
    They won't see this Comanche!
    - When selected
    Gunship ready for covert ops!
    - When selected
    Looking out for enemy scouts!
    - When moving


    Who needs rockets when we have lasers?
    - Laser Comanche Unused Quote
    • According to the sound files, General Townes was supposed to have a variant of the Comanche which would have probably used laser cannons instead of rocket launchers. It was scrapped for unknown reasons. The same thing happens with the Paladin Tank.
    • In real life, the Comanche was designed as a replacement for the United States Army’s previous generations of reconnaissance and light attack helicopters. It never made it past the prototype phase before being cancelled, with the funds for the program being repurposed for the renovation of previous helicopter models and the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
    • The Comanche has two rocket pods on each wing which contradicts the fact that the 4 anti-tank missiles fired by the Comanche are based on Hellfire missiles which are exposed in their missile pod of 4. Interestingly the rocket pods upgrade's cameo are actually the Hellfire missiles that the Commanche comes with already. Additionally, the helicopter in the Rocket Barrage ability cameo is an AH-1 Cobra.


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